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Dee Sa | 11:27 Wed 06th Jul 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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an electrical force that links atoms

or Mon Tel word match :-

Halter neck.Vincent Price.Fork lift and  ***s James

or James ***s [using missing clue above]

urgent help for dummies, grateful tks

Dee Sa


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Well I must be a dummy, 'cos I don't even understand the question!!

For the xword - how many letters in the answer and have you got any of them?

The word match is a mystery to me - how does it work? 

 the link solutions are as you had above and

          james  bond

linking atoms - bond?
Hi ipek  -  I can answer your Q about word match.  In Monday's Telegraph 'Herculis' Puzzle there are always four shaded answers. If you want to enter for the prize then you need to refer to Saturday's General Knowledge puzzle ('GK') where you will find another 4 shaded answers.  Then simply pair them up, for example 'Jack' in one puzzle would match 'Knife' in the other, and so on. This week Dee has found Vincent+Price, Fork+Lift, Halter+Neck.  She needs 'Bond' (got one letter wrong) to match up with 'James' to complete the task.  Hope this info helps! - Regards ja 
Hi Suewh  -  To be honest I hadn't heard this 'bond' definition either.  It's not among the 19 meanings in my dated Collins and I guess you've had the same problem. You'll find it under 'Chemical Bond' !  Cheers, ja
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theanswer to the eletrical force etc was BOND, silly me got the last letter wrong ! i did say I was a dum dum.

this links JAMES & BOND.

this is from the Sat Telegraph GEN knowledge xword and their Monday one, there are 4 clues on Sat and 4 more on Monday to link up. Hope this makes sense now. Best Regards.

Dee Sa

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sweets and biscuits

how about HOBNOB   ?

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