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elderly | 22:38 Sun 06th Nov 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Why do you think the Sunday Telegraph has dropped the money prizes on its GK and Cryptic xwords.
I will now find another Sunday paper with prize xwords such as the Observer.


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There is a post about this further down ion162228.html
I think there must be a lot of disgruntled readers today.Someone has posted a link to the Telegraph where you can vent your feelings.I certainly have and have also emailed them.I can't see the point of having a crossword in a Sunday broadsheet where you can turn the page and get the answers.Not much of challenge is it ? Even if they offered a small prize eg.Booktokens it would be something.That's all part of the fun of doing them.
Why they have to mess about with these things is beyond me.I usually swop papers with my neighbour so at least I can do the ones in The Mail tomorrow.
Have made my feelings clear to the ST. I buy it primarily for the crossword.
Great linda....I complained when they changed it last time.I think they will have to bow down to pressure. I think a lot of peoples Sunday mornings have just been ruined !
It's not the winning it's the taking part and how can you take part if the answers are in the papper.Some how they've fudged it.
The other problem is that you never get the magazine section overseas, so no more crosswords or griddlers on holiday!

For all you frustrated S Tel crossword addicts you can complain for free to:

Sarah Sands, Editor, Sunday Telegraph, FREEPOST LON29565, Chatham, ME4 4ZG

or on the feedback form

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