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Please Can Any Help Me With This Puzzle????

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Reddevil1976 | 23:27 Sat 16th Mar 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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We have a new puzzle and you'll be pleased to know it is the last one for a while. The link to it is as follows:

The QR square says "Computer says no!!". We have noted the hint which is balance or wade written upside down and backwards.

I have also been able to take apart a little bit of the puzzle which seems to centred around the numbers in the red area on the page. I was advised to write the numbers out as follows:

50 07 722 014 27 620
37 45 607 127 02 368
34 55 737 138 40 086
41 52 207 088 18 707
46 33 846 087 24 335
32 14 973 087 50 806
51 19 248 000 24 000
39 18 076 084 17 162
43 02 986 147 46 813

These numbers are sets of co-ordinates and I have put them to Google Earth and found myself in some weird and wonderful places but just don't seem to be able to make the link.

I was also referred to the following cryptic paragraph of a previous finder's log but I am struggling to see through it or understand. The paragraph is as follows:

"So I took a quick holiday to think about the puzzle a bit more. I raced down to London, but I think I'd made a bit of a schoolboy error. I'd forgotten to book a flight! When I arrived, there were no direct flights to Australia left, so I ended up heading via South Korea. I didn't get any sensible clues there or down-under, so I ended up leaving straight away to head back to Europe. I wondered whether I could get some hints here, but as it turned out - no. So as a last resort I booked another flight to the USA. I couldn't remember whether I was meant to be heading to Cincinnati or Chicago, but I knew it must begin with a "C". In the end, there were more flights to O'Hare, so I went there. Once I got there, however, it quickly dawned on me that after all this time, that I needed to be in Geneva instead.

After a bit of a marathon journey, I was completely knackered. But it wasn't completely in vain, because I now appeared to know exactly where to find the cache.

I was still pretty jet-lagged, but stumbled out in the darkness in search of the hiding place. For those attempting to come this way in future, you may be interested to hear that a lot of bodies of water have a deep end, and a shallow end..."

Any help solving this puzzle would very greatly appreciated.


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I thought the last one was the last one for a while, but i admire your persistence with these.
Are sir.prize, RedSkyAtNight or gen2 around?

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Please Can Any Help Me With This Puzzle????

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