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The Km Links Game - December Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 02:05 Mon 10th Dec 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - how many of you have been shoveling your way out through the snow this morning ? sounds like a long cold Winter coming your way, our prediction is for a long hot dry Summer ... someone's taking this to extremes and I wish they'd stop it !!

Much much better success this week - the FFC Clubroom population has more than halved and I'm hoping to have it completely empty for the holidays as the decorators will be giving it a facelift over the Christmas break and if anyone gets themselves locked in, they may get one too, whether they like it or not !!

The matches were -

Chain Gang
Earth Science
Otter Hound [ oh why did I change my mind !!]
Wood Wind

And the STAR TURN came from x-ray who collected 6 points for three matches and also went straight to the top of the Leader Board so Very Well Done to You, and all the other points scorers as well [ of which I was NOT one ]

And a special mention for Muzz, the only one to select Earth Science !!

One more round before the holiday break, so we'll reconvene same place, time is a movable feast, as you already know, stay safe and warm till then .... skz


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6 points - x-ray

4 points - rockfordill, Muzz & teacher1

3 points - beejay1124, tearinghair, devadiva, deecee131, ulysses100, Gill G, & cliffyg

2 points - 11 players

1 point - 20 players
Well done, x-ray, and well done, Muzz, and everybody else too; and 'thank you' to Steff. Have a good week!
Thanks for that! It was a fluke! I had 'chain gang' and changed it to 'saw' (silly me!) and I had 'planet earth' and changed it to 'science'!!! (whew!). Well done to X-Ray though!
Hmm, failed to trouble the scorers again.
Well done x-ray and thanks, Steff.

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The Km Links Game - December Week 2 Results

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