the 12 days of christmas homework aaargh!

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crisgal | 18:22 Wed 28th Nov 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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for her maths homework my daughter has to listen to the twelve days of christmas song and answer these questions:

1. according to the song how many presents was i given on each day?

2. How many was I given in total on the first and second days together?
1st, 2nd and 3rd days - total presents?

3. How many presents was I given in total over all twelve of the days of Christmas?

4. How many presents would I have been given if there had been thirteen days of Christmas?

5. What would that make the total number of presents I’d been given?
now then, i think that each day the gifts were repeated (so you end up with 12 partridges, 24 calling birds etc. My husband disagrees and says you only count them once. who is right?

Also, aren't questions 1 and 3 the same?


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Hope this helps.
Damnation. I pasted the youTube link why won't it work?
12 Days

Day One. Dear Nula. Thank you very much for your lovely present of a partidge in a pear tree. We're getting the hang of feeding the partridge now, although it was difficult at first to win its confidence. It bit the mother rather badly on the hand, but they're good friends now and we're keeping the pear tree indoors in a bucket. Thank you again. Yours affectionately, Gobnait O'Lunacy.
Day Two. Dear Nula. I cannot tell you how surprised we were to hear from yourselves so soon again and to receive your lovely present of two turtle doves. You really are too kind. At first, the partridge was very jealous and suspicious of the doves, and they had a terrible row on the night the doves arrived - We had to send for the vet.... But, the birds are ok again and the stitches is due to come out in a week or two. The vet's bill was eight pound, but the mother is over her annoyance now and the doves and the partridge are watching the telly from the pear tree as I write. Yours ever, Gobnait.
Day Three. Dear Nula, We must be foremost in your thoughts... I had only just posted my letter when the three french hens arrived. There was another sort-out between the hens and the doves, who sided with the partridge and the vet had to be sent for again. The mother was ragein' for the bill was sixteen pound this time, but she has almost cooled down. However, the fact that the bird's droppings keep falling down on her hair while she's watching the telly doesn't help matters. Thanking you for your kindness. I remain, your Gobnait.
Day Four. Dear Nula, you mustn't have received my last letter when you were sending us the four calling birds - There was pandemonium in the pear tree again last night and the vets bill was 32 pound. The mother is on sedation as I write. I know you meant no harm and remain your close friend, Gobnait.
Day Five. Nula, your generosity knows no bounds - Five gold rings- When the parcel arrived I was scared stiff that it might be more birds because the smell in the living room is atrocious. However, I don't want to seem ungrateful for the beautiful rings. Your affectionate friend, Gobnait.
Part two

Day Six. Nula, what are you trying to do to us? It isn't that we don't appreciate your generosity but the six geese have not alone nearly murdered the calling birds but they lay their eggs on top of the vet's head from the pear tree and his bill was 68 pound in cash. My mother is munching 60 grains of Valium a day and talking to herself in a most alarming way. You must keep your feelings for me in check. Gobnait.
Day Seven. Nula, we are not amused by your little joke. Seven swans a-swimming is a most romantic idea but not in the bath of a private house. We cannot use the bathroom now because they have gone completely savage and rush the door every time we try to enter. If things go on this way, the mother and I will smell as bad as the living-room carpet. Please lay off, it is not fair...Gobnait.
Day Eight. Nula. Who the hell do you think gave you the right to send eight hefty maids-a-milking here to eat us out of house and home? Their cattle is all over the front lawn and has trampled the hell out of the mother's rose beds. The swans invaded the living room in a sneak attack and the ensuing battle between them and the calling birds, turtle doves, french hens and partridge made the battle of the somme seem like ? wagon. The mother is on a bottle of whiskey a day as well as the 60 grains o' vallium. I'm very annoyed wit' ya. Gobnait.Day Nine. Listen, you louser - There's enought pandemonium in this place night and day without nine drummers drumming While the eight flamin' maids-a-milking is beatin' me poor old alchoholic mother out of her own kitchen and gobblin' everything in sight. I'm warning you - you're makin' an enemy of me. Gobnait.
Day Ten. Listen, Manure face I hope you'll be haunted by the strains of the ten pipers piping which you sent to torment us last night... They were aided in their evil work by those maniac drummers and it wasn't a pleasant sight to look out the window and see eight hefty maids-a-milking all going round to the ensuing punk rock uproar. My mother has just finished her third bottle of whiskey on top of 124 grains of valium. You'll get yours. Gobnait O'Lunacy.
Day Eleven. You have scandalised my mother, you dirty jezebel. It was bad enough to have eight maids-a-milking dancing to punk music on the front lawn but they've now been joined by your friends, the eleven lords-a-leaping and the antics of the whole lot of them would leave the most decadent days of the Roman empire looking like Outlook. I'll get you yet, ya 'auld bag
Day Twelve. Listen, slurry head. You have ruined our lives - The twelve maidens dancing turned up last night and beat the living daylights out of the eight maids-a-milking 'cause they found them carryin' on with the eleven lords-a-leaping. Meanwhile, the swans got out of the living room where they'd been hiding since the big battle and savaged hell out of the lords and all the maids. There were eight ambulances here last night and the local civil defence as well. The mother is in a home for the bewildered and I'm sitting here up to me neck in bird's droppings, empty whiskey and valium bottles, bird's blood and feathers while the flamin' cows eats the leaves off the pear tree. I'm a broken man
Gobnait O'Lunacy...
Forget the poem just list the days with numbers of presents;
!st day 1
2nd day 2
3rd day 3

12th day 12
13th day would be 13
Then use the list to answer he questions:
Q1 My list above
Q2 1 +2 =3
Q3 1+2+3+ 4 etc to 12
Q4 13
Q5 Add 13 to your total answer to Q3

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the 12 days of christmas homework aaargh!

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