MM Links Results October 2012 Week 2

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gen2 | 19:01 Sun 14th Oct 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This weekend's game has now closed.

It is probably worth mentioning at this stage that some players have unfortunately wasted guesses by straying outside the stated range of 4 to 8 letters in length (2 last weekend and 2 this).

Lady Jill's links that you were seeking were:


This game more than made up for the dearth of points last week. In total, 53 points were handed out so you were really unlucky if you didn't bag at least one of them.

Details below:


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Question Author
As you can imagine, all links were found within the first couple of minute's play.

First down was STATION MASTER accosted by first guesser BigMac.
Beejay1124, rockfordill, lysander, owllady, grannydi & patchett all managed to squeeze through the 2-minute bonus window so 2 points all round.

Second player Beejay1124 was along second and chose STEAM IRON along with middlestump, fordward, owllady and patchett for 2 points each.

In the following minute, Fordward opted for TRAIN SPOTTER (2 points). This was surprisingly the least popular link in the game (just 4 takers). Maybe you thought the clue in the preamble was too obvious?

The final link of TRACK SUIT also fell in the second minute of play when Strix, followed by grannydi & patchett decided to go for a run (2 points each)

Thereafter, the matches were worth only a single point each mut there were many clamanys including double hitters and treble hitters.
In fact there were 9 douBle and 2 treble hitters so

**** WEEK 2 ARE ****
***** PATCHETT *****
***** & SHAZZA *****


6 patchett
4 beejay1124
4 fordward
4 grannydi
4 owllady
2 BigMac
2 deecee131
2 Elspeth
2 Handbaglady
2 lysander
2 middlestump
2 rockfordill
2 roslyn251254
2 Strix
2 ulysses100
1 Aquagility
1 Christiana
1 evsajo
1 Ont-ice (Mr)
1 sibton
1 teacher1
1 x-ray

Which is virtually identical to the leaderboard which looks like this:

6 patchett
4 beejay1124
4 fordward
4 grannydi
4 owllady
4 rockfordill
3 Elspeth
3 middlestump
3 teacher1
3 ulysses100
2 Nine players
1 Eight players

Will Tearinghair (aka Lady Jill) be as generous with the points next time?
Or will she revert to being parsimonious?
You'll just have to drop in atry again next weekend to find out.
Until then:-
Same time
Same place
Happy Linking
gen2, was I too late? I popped in with what I see were 2 correct answers at 18.43.... never mind if not, I'm not sure what time you close entries!
Question Author
Last-minute player Boxtops also scored 2 points which does not show in the above but it IS now included in my spreadsheet.
Question Author
Not too late boxtops.
The game doesn't close until the results are revealed at 7pm, but in order to post the report at 7pm, I have to start preparing it about half an hour or so before. I always check back afterwards for late entrants.
Thank you gen2 :-) I thought I might be in by the skin of my teeth!
Bah humbug! I would have scored 4 if I'd been on time as usual - that dratted wifi in Marmaris!! Never mind 2 points are better than 0!
Whoops that was my alter-ego!
Just delighted to have troubled the scorer!
THanks, gen2.
Wow!!!!!! I am speechless.Many thanks gen2 Cant believe it.

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MM Links Results October 2012 Week 2

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