MM Links Results October 2012 Week 5

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gen2 | 20:00 Sun 28th Oct 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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MM Links Results October 2012 Week 5

Thanks to 'Lady Jill' (aka tearinghair) we have had an enjoyable month of challenges.
Two low scoring weeks were offset by a glut of points week 2 and now this week's game has proved to be 'average'.

I can now reveal that her final chosen links were:


I was amazed that 23 players opted for 'weed killer'. I didn't know that garden chemicals were still so popular. Unfortunately it meant that few players went for other options on that link.

In all 28 points were distributed. You will find the details below.


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Roslyn 251254 once again claimed the first points for her dunnock - formerly known as a HEDGE SPARROW. Owllady was in time for bonus points on this one so 2 points each.

The second player, boxtops, then couldn't resist the wide eyes of a BUSH BABY and once again Owllady was in time for the bonus on this. (2 points)

A minute later Aquagility was in convolutions with convolvulus and claimed 2 points for BINDWEED.

The final link of GRASS ROOTS held out just until 9:08 when Kawakiri, closely followed by Handbaglady, claimed the final bonus points.

Handbaglady also had a single for 'bushbaby' making her a double-hitter.
You may also have spotted that Owllady had two mentions above making her a double-hitter as well.
***** OWLLADY and *****

In summary, this week's scorers were:
4 owllady
3 Handbaglady
2 Aquagility
2 boxtops
2 kawakiri
2 roslyn251254
1 albaqwerty (Mrs)
1 Baza
1 Christiana
1 cliffyg
1 deecee131
1 Elspeth
1 Euphemia
1 fordward
1 jobjockey
1 joto
1 patchett
1 teacher1
1 x-ray

Of course you now want to know the final state of the leaderboard and who will be invited to be setter for November.

Read on . . .
Question Author
The top three positions are clear enough and there are no ties for the three highest points.

8 owllady
7 patchett
6 roslyn251254

**** OCTOBER IS ****
**** O W L L A D Y ****

Owllady only started playing a couple of years ago and has never set the links so I have no hesitation in offering the honour of being November's setter to OWLLADY.

*** SETTER FOR ***
**** O W L L A D Y ****

I have no contact details for owllady so please get in touch on my usual contact address which is

The remaining levels on the leaderbord are:
5 Aquagility, Boxtops, fordward, Handbaglady & teacher1
4 beejay1124, cliffyg, Elspeth, grannydi, kawakiri, lysander, rockfordill & x-ray
3 deecee131, middlestump, SHAZZAHewat & ulysses100
2 Baza, BigMac, Christiana, Ont-ice (Mr), regward, Strix & twix123
1 albaqwerty (Mrs), Euphemia, evsajo, jobjockey, joto, kettledrum, Ont-ice (Mrs), paulineward, seekeerz & sibton

Well that rounds it off for another week/month and by next week I should be back home with a fast broadband connection instead of this dongle.

If anyone could help me to establish contact with owllady, it would be appreciated.

So with owllady as the new setter for the November:
Next Saturday:
Same time
Same place
Happy Linking
Well done Owllady. Looking forward to November :-)

errr Gen2, week 5??
Well done everyone, particularly owllady. I'm sorry I wasn't more generous, but I really thought more of you would go for my first choices in each of the four weeks.
Many thanks to gen2 for your help and support. I'll be back guessing with the rest next week.
Question Author
Alba - The week number isn't programmed into my abacus so that is one of the few things that I have to do myself. Unfortunately, it is not easy to accurately measure the passage of time once you have passed retiral age. Every day/week is very much like any other - long and enjoyable! It is easy to imagine 6 weeks have passed when in fact it is only three. (Well, that's my excuse anyway.)
and he's sticking to it !! I knew there was something I'd forgotten to do....enter MM Links ....and were you giving away clues, gen2, with the bind weed in the Shrubbery ??
sorry, thanks Lady Jill and congrats Owllady
Question Author
I hoped nobody had noticed that shrubbery faux-pas.
It was totally unintentional. I had forgotten what the links were to be (they were agreed on the Monday) and I really had been strugling to rid my mother's garden of bindweed which seems to have spread everywhere.

Sorry if there was any disadvantage to antipodean players - I have no idea if you have bindweed there or not. I can't recall seeing it when I was out there last year.
You missed the bush baby, skz!
I got my fingers out to count the number of weeks :-)

Mr Alba's first words were Bush Baby but didn't go with it.

Gen2, you're a star, your efforts are appreciated very much.
Thank you, gen2!
Really pleased to be joint Hotshot with Owllady. Should have chosen Bindweed as we're troubled with it in part of our garden, tried to get rid of it but it always rears its head every year. Well done Owllady. Looking forward to your links.
Question Author
OwlLady has agreed and will be challenging you all next weekend.
I was mistaken in thinking she had never set the links before - she did so with Crofter a couple of years ago when he dubbed her 'The Lady Ursula'.
Look out for her on Saturday morning in Q & P.

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MM Links Results October 2012 Week 5

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