Automobile Crossword No 306

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DGR | 10:42 Sat 18th Aug 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The clue to 5 across is "Discharge from car dealt by Swan & Company" and I have S?L?O. I can only think of "SALVO" as the answer but if that is right, I cannot see how it comes from the clue. I can find no reference to a car maker called "Swan" or any motoring reference to "Salvo". Any thoughts would be most welcome.


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Could it be 'selco' (Swan Energy Ltd. + co) ?
I still don't see the discharge connection though.
Salvo is certainly a discharge.
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Hello Dinkypuzzled. I hadn't thought of SELCO - could "dealt by" be a pointer to taking the intitials?. Like you, however, I can't see a connection between SELCO and "discharge" let alone between SELCO and "discharge fron a car". as you say, SALVO is a discharge - but then where does "from a car dealt by Swan & Co come in? Altogether a very obscure clue! I will look forward to seeing the solution published in due course.
Yes, DGR - perhaps you could post the answer on this thread when you get it.
Regards, Iain. (aka Dinkypuzzled)
Question Author
Yes I will. It will be a couple of months before they published the solution - but I shall not forget!
Sa (vo) lvo all I can think of
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*Thank you also Sibton. It will be interesting to see the published solution. I might write to The Automobile afterwards and ask them how the answer relates to the clue. I will post any response on this thread.

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Automobile Crossword No 306

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