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MM & KM Link Games September 2011 Week 4

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gen2 | 19:59 Fri 23rd Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The shrubbery is now open for a little R & R berfore the hard work begins tomorrow morning.

In the MM Links game, we are on to the final leg of Manx Queenie's challenges.
At 8:45 am in Q & P, her introduduction will be posted, to be followed at 9 am sharp with the challenge words themselves.

The current leader, OwlLady, is 4 points ahead of the field so it will take quite an effort from someone to oust her - but it is possible. Just make sure you get your guesses in early enough to qualify for bonus points.
Does anyone think they are starting to get tuned in to the setter's wavelength? Five double-hitters last weekend showed that some of you are getting there and this will be your last chance before there is a change of setter and you have to start all over again.

Dont forget our sister game, the KM Links based on Kate Mepham's GK crosswords in the Saturday/Monday Telegraph. That game is run by Seekeerz from Australia and kicks off at 7am. Don't worry about the early start there, the bonus points are not time-sensitive in that game.

Drop into the shrubbery this evening or we'll see you all tomorrow morning.

BYOB, No corkage charge.



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twix....Manxiemo 'dirtily' left her links with gen2!
Wine does not loosen her lips either!...I tried!!...she's boring....
Shrubbery ...quiet alba!??
Not now!!!!
Manxiemo is sat with a determined grin on her smug little face...she pretends she can't remember what she posted for the links.
Even the magic mushrooms for tea didn't work!
Magic mushrooms? Is that what they were? Boo, hiss, they didn't work, Pauline, you still don't know what the links are. Mind you, I can't remember either, so I hope Gen2 has still got the information I sent him, otherwise we're going to have a free for all tomorrow morning - or, rather, later this morning!
If I win outright tomorrow, I do hope you all don't think I cheated!....
Now where's my thumbscrew gone...
Oooooh ... ouch!! No, no, Pauline, I,m not telling you anything, no, no ...
Shut up you wimp! :-))
Get to bed!!!
Oh...she's gone...

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MM & KM Link Games September 2011 Week 4

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