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MM & KM Link Games September 2011 Wk 2

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gen2 | 20:38 Fri 09th Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last week saw a slow start to the MM Links game as you all tried to tune in to the thoughts of 'Manx Queenie'. Will it be more of the same this week? or will she change tackand catch you all unawares?

The only way to find out is to log in tomorrow at 8:45am in Q&P when 'Manx Queenie' will post her introduction to the MM Links Game, followed at 9:00 with her challenge words. You have to guess what words she has chosen to pair with these to form a well-known word or phrase. To make it easier, they are all from 4 to 8 letters long. Anyone can play, so join in whenever you want to but early players stand more chance of bonus points.

Dont forget our sister game, the KM Links based on Kate Mepham's GK crosswords in the Saturday/Monday Telegraph. That game is run by Seekeerz from down under and kicks off at 7am. Don't worry about the early start there, the bonus points are not time-sensitive in that game.


Last weekend, after I revealed to what lengths I was going to get this posted, Strix let his imagination run away with itself. In consequence, I am saying nothing about my activities this weekend.

The 'Shrubbery' is now open for you to chill out or to plan schemes for attack. You gan even camp out by the gate in order to get in quickly with your answers at 9 am.

Happy guessing everyone.



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Goodnight Alba.
Sleep well!

I will tidy up the shrubbery...might even kip overnight here!
sounds good twix!
Hey twix...have you heard of the Hooleys?

The hotel we stayed in was hosting their annual get together. Everyone was talking about them, and they were celebrities there. It was in the local paper, and a concert was being held there. We had the 'pleasure' of them around the pool and hotel for our last few days there.
Never heard of them!!
Question Author
Are tey a tribute band for 'The Who' Pauline?

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MM & KM Link Games September 2011 Wk 2

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