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Re Saga July

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Mamyalynne | 16:22 Tue 05th Jul 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have been following this on another site also and a few have emailed the editor and this is the reply they got:

Dear .......
Thank you for your recent mail to Saga Magazine questioning the July prize crossword.

You are, of course, quite correct and I have been requested, as setter, to respond to you about this unhappy little glitch.

The clue to 8 Down is wrong. It should have read "A key to the passage (5)" giving AISLE to fit with ELAPSES.

I originally had a clue for ADDLE, but upon reflection, wasn't really happy with the definition of 'empty' so decided to change the light.

This text change was submitted to the magazine's editorial team for amendment, was - unfortunately - missed and to compound matters I then failed to pick up the necessary change when I was proofing the crossword for publication.

In effect, I missed spotting the clash between the old clue and the new light.

For this, many apologies from myself and the August issue will be printing a note to our solvers in general.

Thank you - sorry! - and best wishes



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Thank you mamyalynne I can now finish the crossword.
Question Author
Was driving me mad so rooted around and am glad to have in some way helped to clear it up.
thanks mamyalynne for your diligence - I've now instructed "the men in the white coats" to return to base as they are not now wanted here ! LOL

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Re Saga July

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