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E.R. | 22:07 Sat 02nd Jul 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Does anyone know where all the GK people are .I very seldom find any queries now in Answerbank. Surely some of them must have a problem now and again!!


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There was some on very early on they must have gone out for the day
There seem to be a lot more in the crosswords section than there used to be.
I'm here and I have a problem! Sun Telegraph GK 14 ac and 16 ac
Hi suffolklady - it's preferable to include the full clues, numbers of letters & any you've placed, so that people without the puzzle can more readily help you - thanks for next time! :-)

That said -

14a Stone me
16a Treviso
Hi Lie-in are quite right and I was about to do that...but your answers beat me to the punch! And I am now finished, thanks very much to you.
You're welcome :-)

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