MM Links Solutions March 2011 [Week 4]

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crofter | 18:02 Sun 27th Mar 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Baron Brian II entered the last week of his reign with great gusto and a generous heart. Following a theme based on the National Football Team of “Norn Iron”, he went with the link words:

Windsor KNOT
Green BELT

These brought back many memories of dated fashion, courting venues for heavy dates and heavy metal bands. There were points aplenty ~ especially for the first dozen or so entrants. Newcomer Brenden beckoned with the lucky cat, Maneki Neko, but failed to reap any reward for some really good predictions.



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This week, there was instant success when tearinghair played the part of the IRON MAIDEN and sporting a WINDSOR KNOT for FOUR POINTS ~ to be followed by lysander with the same necktie for Two Points. With grannydi recalling heated moments on a PARK BENCH for TWO POINTS, the door was opened for megapoints from these three early hits.

In swift order came patchett, deecee131, Christiana, Strix, slaney (another Park Bencher!) and centrino, each demanding Two Points for early hits! However, in the midst of all this came middlestump to take middle and off (Windsor Knot and Park Bench) for Four Points to add to his current bowling figures. There then came an inexplicable hiatus of 20 minutes, during which not a single entry arrived.
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Thereafter, the points flowed less freely with fordward, SHAZZA, joto, x-ray and kawakiri picking up a single point. However, to their credit, ChrisHewat, barb7771 and cliffyg were able to find two hits each for two points. What happened to the last link? Well, Entrant #36, in the guise of newcomer, cupid04, fired an arrow straight at GREEN BELT to register a very useful TWO POINTS with only five entries left.

The top of the League Table after this final week now looks like:

EIGHT POINTS: Christiana, lysander & middlestump
SIX POINTS: centrino & tearinghair
FOUR POINTS: Handbaglady, owllady & slaney
THREE POINTS: cliffyg, deecee131, jobjockey, ladyalex & twix123
TWO POINTS: 16 entrants
ONE POINT: 7 entrants
Question Author
This table speaks for itself. I spot regular middlestump, who has yet to wear the MM Links Crown, as the worthy successor to Baron Brian II. Of those mentioned by name in the above, no fewer than ELEVEN are previous MM Links Champions, so middlestump has beaten an impressive field of opponents. Anyone who can assist me in making contact with middlestump [or him with me] will be appreciated.

For the present, this is crofter signing off.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Conmpletely off the pace this month - nary a point.

Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the also rans and thanks again to Crofter.
Evening Crofter - Can we have a recount please? SHAZZA tells me she has a double hit for Green Belt and Iron Maiden, which for a 'first' makes it a family 'Full House'.
Many thanks for all your good work.
Please did I get my points for Windsor knot and Iron maiden? Not that it makes any difference!
Thanks Baron Brian and crofter - glad I managed to earn a few points this month. Will be late on parade next Saturday as I'm 'doing an evsajo' again and going to an early car boot sale, but will look forward to middlestump's links (and hope he doesn't bowl any googlies).
Thanks to Baron Brian and yourself, Crofter. This is truly a first for me, as you know, but I'm happy to take on the mantle to the best of my ability (with your assistance of course). The only person that I am in email contact with is Steff from KM Links. I'll try her first and ask her to forward my address to you. If she hasn't got your address then I'll repost here.
Tearinghair needn't worry, I never could bowl a wrong 'un.
Well done to the scorers...and particularly middlestump.

Thanks Crofter and Baron Brian.
Look forward to next month, and hope I do better!
Thanks Baron Brian and Crofter, although no points this week!

Well done all the point scorers.
Thank you once again crofter for your excellent score keeping. It's been a tough month all round with winners only having eight points each. No mean feat. Well done one and all. I'm looking forward to middlestumps offerings. I wonder, is he a cricket fanatic?
Middlestump, Steff has been in touch with me for crofter's address as when her last computer (a.k.a. Regan) died she lost nearly all her email addresses but still had mine.

I have supplied her with crofter's email address which she will forward to you.
Well done the winners.
I'm just pleased to have scored at all.
Thanks to Baron Brian and , of course to crofter.
Thanks Strix.
Received from Steff and I've mailed Crofter

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MM Links Solutions March 2011 [Week 4]

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