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GK Crossword Daily Telegraph 15/01

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DIAMONDBACK | 11:10 Tue 18th Jan 2011 | Crosswords
10 Answers
41A) A heavy silk, linen or cotton textile, woven with a pattern _ A _ A _ K?

43A) Term for a book, film, play or piece of art depicting true-to-life scenes or imagery rather than abstract R _ A _ _ _ _ _ C? Realistic?

47A) Large southern African antelope; the male of which has lyre shaped horns?

N _ A _ A?

50A) Glass like compound applied to surfaces via vitrification as a protective coating or for decorative effect _ _ _ _ _L?

54A) At sea, but close to the land? I _ _ _ O _ E?

Thanks in advance for any help!!!


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41a Damask
53 inshore?
41a. Damask
47 Nyala
47a, nyala
50a, enamel
47a. Nyala
yes to 43a,
43A) Realistic?

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GK Crossword Daily Telegraph 15/01

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