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DrPanguitch | 15:42 Sun 21st Dec 2008 | Crosswords
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Help needed with the following please:
1. Roman silvercoin produced in the 4th & 5th centuries, worthh one 24th of a gold solidus (7 letters)

2. The 3 wise men (4)

3. Yorkshire born cabinet-maker and furniture designer of the 18th century (11)

4. Large antelope of India and Pakistan, the male of which has an almost blueish-coloured coat (6)

5. A dryad or hamadryad of lassical mythology and folklore; also a species of butterfly and hummingbird (4,5)

6. Chinese philosophical system based on the teachings and writings of Laozi (6)

7. Small North American mammal resembling a cross between a domesticated feline and a lynx (6)

8. English statesman and philosopher who wrote the utopian novel "The New Atlantis" published in 1626 (5)

9. Landed property which may consist of extensive grounds, outbuildings, woodland or farmland and a large house (6)

10. Ancient Greek festival and contest in music and athletics where competitors contended for prizes (4)



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Sat D Tel GK

3a Siliqua
7a Magi
16a Chippendale
18a Nilgai
20a Wood nymph
27a Taoism
29a Bobcat
31a Bacon
32a Estate
34a Agon
Sorry - meant to say that it's more help if you post the clues as I've shown - not nagging, only asking! :-)
Question Author
LIE-IN KING you are brilliant - many thanks
More questions coming!
More? Have you tried to do these yourself without relying on others?

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