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Rte 26

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scooke | 10:16 Mon 17th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
6 Answers

16d o.. loud is one thats chatty and snappy as a hippo(10)b?g?o?e???

23d smiths signature paints a picture of a phoney painter...(6)f?u???

29a can endless needs become a land of tranquility to come(4)????

17d as square meals go, how grand it sounds- for stiff upper lips- to extend them s0(9)?u???e?n?

21a the fate of one got after falling out of favour with Henry the  8th(4)??o?



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29 Eden

17d luncheons?

23 Forgery?

23d forger

16 big-mouthed

21 Chop

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Rte 26

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