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Rte 25

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scooke | 11:02 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

9a jeepers creepers isnt he worse than an eavesdropper, by the look of him(7,3)??e???g,???

10a  nothing gained unless boldly broached, as Victory in Europe turned out to have been(8)?e?????d

5d like the moon and the sun, a focal point to focus on...(9)?????i?h?

7d weepy washy movie theme for andy williams or taylor swift , to sing, where do i begin?(4,5)????,?t???



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7d love story

9 peeping Tom

5 starlight?


or spotlight (but choice of moon and sun suggests highlight to me)


VE + anagram Turned

5 agree with 'highlight'

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Rte 25

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