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Enigmatic Variations N0 1643- Career

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Matakari | 21:56 Tue 21st May 2024 | Crosswords
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Good evening, looks somewhat challenging, but interesting! Thanks for help with the following!


2 The coming week with new duties to be rearranged ( 9 ): ?????T?D?

16 Basis of bone erosions missing or rotated and realigned ( 6 ) :  ??S???

23 Reproducible program ready with important date put back ( 8 ) : ?RE?????

26 Help outside is very good for Indian trees ( 7 ) : ??????S  ( MANGOES )

33 Hold forth following question, like an empanelled jury ( 7 ) : ??????E


23 Elderly cousin abroad caught German that’s gone ( 5 ) : ??A?C

18 Flower before university on turning 20 (  8 ) : ?I???????



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Ha- I just realised "whit sissoes quorate " were 3 answers. I'd taken it as some sort of Latin quote as a hint for an answer!

I don't get Sissoes for 26- I can see is and SOS. Surely it's SO not SE for the rest to give SISSOOS

ok, sorry- I've just seen your later correction quinol

Matakari, apologies - 18 D is only 8 letters, Auricula.

NMA, your posts made me chuckle, a bit of light relief is always good!

Question Author

Thanks again, NACW, I did get 20d.

Matakari, I was sorry to see that your wish had been granted - another Doc puzzle in the Spectator.  I know you had a 'wonderful time' with the last one, I'd be stunned if you had the same experience today!

Question Author

Good evening from T&T, NACW! Glad my wish came true, I thoroughly enjoyed Doc's offering. I started it as soon as it arrived on Wednesday evening ( T&T time ) and cruised through much of it, finishing off the ecclesiastic aspect that leapt at me quite early in the game today.
So, I'll be turning my attention once more to the stiffer Enigmatic Variations!

Matakari, if you're looking in again this afternoon... I know this EV wasn't really your sort of thing, but I know too that you like to see HOW things work, parse etc. The blog for the puzzle is on fifteensquared, with a link too to the setter's comments.

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Enigmatic Variations N0 1643- Career

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