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Listener 4812 Six Seconds By Kruger

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HawkCrossword | 18:09 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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A carte blanche requiring a high percentage of cold solving, as there were many unclued entries. Clues were very good, as always from this setter, and the puzzle came together with the theme, but I was left wanting a bit more for the investment I made in solving it, to be honest. Maybe we just get too many carte blanches in this series, or maybe I've just got a bit tired of them. If this were my first, I'm sure I'd have really enjoyed it. 


But thanks, Kruger. It was a fine puzzle. It's probably just me.



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I enjoyed the tussle of this one although I needed an awful lot of cold solving before I could get going. Likewise felt a little underwhelmed by the ending although it fitted nicely into place and I enjoyed what was for me the final PDM of the unclued entries.

Yes, I have to agree.  It´s a good and original idea, with a lot of thematic material fitted into the grid, some clever clues with excellent surfaces and a great final twist that resolves one´s initial misgivings.  And yet an awful lot of real estate is devoted to generating a message which can simply be looked up without any reference to the grid, leaving one slightly unsatisfied.  But a very enjoyable solve, nonetheless.  Thank you, Kruger!

A very tough puzzle that required us to seek help to get a foot in the door.

Combining a carte blanche with unclued entries made it even tougher.

Thanks, Kruger.


Does anyone know what username Kruger goes by in Answerbank, I can't seem to find it.


And surely it's a bit rude that Kruger never thanks you for your ever-effusive compliments.



Question Author

Sounds like you're bored again, Canary42. Maybe a crossword would help?

I thought, as with the rest of you, that, once the grid was virtually complete, the endgame was relatively trivial. It was a good job the Scrabble total was given, however!

The clues were excellent and had the perfect mix of difficulty levels. The jigsaw element was quite tough and required a serious PDM at one stage.

Many thanks, Kruger. A fine effort.

Canary42, can I suggest you stick with following the fortunes of Norwich City? You're on much safer ground with that.

Sorry - I cannot figure out how to add a question to an existing thread.  Any guidance please?

Just put it in the box like you did with your question here

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Listener 4812 Six Seconds By Kruger

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