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Tv Comedian And Female Impersonator

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eugenepious | 07:42 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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Answer please



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Is it a picture clue or an anagram iris there a letter count please?

Do you have any helpful information - such as the number of letters, a stream of letters to be anagrammed, something useful? 

Do you have any letters

Stanley Baxter

Danny le rue?

Ha ...just looked at previous questions-.this is more information we'd normally get

If it's the same puzzle & pattern -

Hi eugenepious - it's always nice to include the number of letters & to show any you've placed 🙂

Question Author


'Dont' what?

You don't want us to answer? 😉 or you don't have any letters for us? In which case we can't help.

Les Dawson?


Dick Emery or Lily Savage

Going back a bit, Old Mother Riley.

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Tv Comedian And Female Impersonator

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