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Spectator N0. 2650 By Mr Magoo

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Matakari | 20:20 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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Good evening! Mr Magoo has stumped me with the following for which I would appreciate some help. Many thanks in advance!

12a    Another one bites the dust, recipe being trapped wind (7) :  NOR????

21a    New ____ could be synthesised by men or women? (7)  : ?O????R

24a    Farmyard bird made a meal of the Spanish cagebird (9) : ?OS????R

26a    Mineral of singular red type (9)  : ?C????IE?

26d    Tried to slip into extremely sensuous garment (7) : ??R?D?S

27d    English packs note indecent whistler (7) : ???E?EE



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12 Norther

21 Monomer

23 Your S is wrong

26 Scheelite  - S Che Elite

27 Referee, whistler.

26 Strides, garment, trousers - just an anagram of Tried with the outer letters, extremely, of sensuous.

24 A four-letter farmyard bird+ the everyday three letter word for made a meal, had a meal and the usual two-letter Spanish. PS I hadn't noticed your R was also wrong.

Question Author

Many thanks, NACW, the theme has revealed itself and I'm now left with a few clues to crack. Grateful for any help!
10d    Disc is silver covering scrap metal (7) : S?A?E?L
20d    I won’t bite Sir Anthony and Sir Henry (8): B?E???T?
28d    Plain ones leaving place with Tube (6) : ?TSPPE
17a    Top cops needing person to stop suspect (6) : S?PE??

Thanks, Matakari. I am afraid you have more mistakes - in all of those except 17 A!  Would you rather just have answers? My hints often don't  work for you!

Question Author

Ok,NACW, I would appreciate answers with parsing wherever possible, thanks.

10. Scissil, scrap metal - 'covering' means the answer is in the clue.

28 .  Edentate, animals that don't bite. Eden and Tate are the surnames of the people mentioned.

17 A. Supers, top cops, superintendents. Sus, suspect, with Per, person, inside.

28 Steppe, plain.

Question Author

Thanks again, NACW!

28 above plus

Site pipe with i's leaving, site = place and pipe = tube

Thanks, JJ - I got tired, was wrestling with today's puzzles!

Matakari, glad I could help.

I am having difficulty with 15a "married in mostly passionless times"  ?em?i

Tempi (times)

Tepi(d) around m(arried)

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Spectator N0. 2650 By Mr Magoo

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