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Rhs Garden Crossword 17

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mrslarge | 21:01 Tue 19th Mar 2024 | Crosswords
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If anyone has completed this crossword are they able to help me understand the phrase revealed in the coloured squares please. I think I must have gone wrong somewhere because I can't  make sense of it. Thank you.



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I seem to recall that I had the same problem; couldn't seem to get anything from it apart from

at the start 'We are..' and '' at the end.

What are the letters in the squares?  Is it an anagram to be solved?

LiK, the preamble says

'a phrase will emerge in the highlighted square as solving progresses. If you can guess it early, it will help with unsolved clues whose answers intersect it'.

As there are 24 highlighted letters, I would expect to just 'read' the phrase, heaven forbid a 24 letter anagram! However I can't see a logical way of reading the phrase from the letters I have. It is not important to have this phrase to submit an entry though.

From left to right, top to bottom


But it doesn't matter to me, don't know if mrslarge wants to go further.

Thanks Cap'n - I presume that's left to right, top to bottom?

It looks very odd. 🤔

Alternate letters in the middle gives garden  and alternate letters backwards gives round

Or around

We are a wall around a garden (with an and in there as well)

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Thank you all. Good to know that others can't make head nor tail of it.  Still baffled!!

I feel I would like it to make sense to confirm I have the crossword  right!!!



Nice one, NMA' If you are correct I think they need to expand on their preamble to give us a hint. 😊

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Rhs Garden Crossword 17

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