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ebeohp | 11:22 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Crosswords
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7D.Caught and was sick(6) N-I-E- think it is nailed but  why?

19D. One cutting leader on Sun page is enough for the present time (-P-C-A-E) 

Explanations please.

Thank you in anticipation



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Sp-ace- age

I can see AILED but not the N

'n ailed    'and was sick'?

Is the clue exactly as shown for 7d?

Yes, it is NMA

could be captain- especially if caught, as awell as being the definition, is also how you might hear it 

The N could be from 'and' in the clue - as in Fish 'n' chips, rock 'n' roll etc?

Yep, that's why I put it, NAC

Sorry, Captain2, I didn't realise that's what you meant when you put  ' n ailed', too subtle for me!

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