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Rhs Garden

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mrslarge | 13:10 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Crosswords
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I am struggling to make sense of the phrase in the purple squares of this crossword.  Any ideas please?



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Can you post the letters?

Can you post the letters you have please?  I assume it's an anagram?  If that's the case, is there a word/letter count &/or a theme (probably gardening, but it might be more precise than that).

Question Author

The letters I have reading across are denrorua?gdea???d?nu??

the instructions are - a phrase will emerge in the highlighted squares as solving progresses.

I must have gone wrong somewhere so will need to get back to it. Sorry to bother you.

Would 'Round and round the garden' fit?

I forgot to look back - nice one, elliemay & mrslarge - you're not a bother! 😊

Thanks L-iK x

Hope it's correct, mrslarge, happy to help 😊

Question Author

Thank you all. Yes, I got there in the end. 

Just wanted to add my thanks. Do this each month and can't remember when there's been a need to anagram before. It's always been straight forward so I was lost. 

You're very welcome Andrew, happy to help 

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Rhs Garden

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