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Enigmatic Variations N0 1605

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Matakari | 11:17 Mon 28th Aug 2023 | Crosswords
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Good morning, back to a challenging EV for me. Looks like some expert sleuthing is needed here. Help for the following would be appreciated, thank you!

16a Grasps recurrently crooked rental charges resolution ( 8 ): ?E??????
24a Former cover measure in print reversed issue recalled ( 7 ): ON?????
1d Moneylender’s early operations masked by dodgy sums ( 7 ): ?S?????
3d Waste conveyers ground boats, perhaps ( 9, 2 words ): ?O???????
6d Welcoming run out for emperor and chancery (9 ): ?????R???
10d Chemical increasing muscle mass found trending into fashion (8) : ?R???I??

( Preamble: Four clues each contain a string of four or more letters to be removed before solving. Remaining clues each contain an extra letter; in clue order these explain how to use the four clues to identify WHO, WHERE AND WHEN. Solvers must change one letter in the initially-filled grid to reveal the name of a relevant person (WHO must be highlighted). All changes to clues and grid create new words; surface reading of clues may suffer. Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended.)



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Question Author
Many thanks, JJ109, ProfessorMaisie, NACW! Before I hit the sack last night, my mind ran on two famous historical characters, De Gaulle and Napoleon. This morning’s hints pointed me to the latter and reading of the text confirmed the eponymous character that was needed. This was another great mental workout for me and quite instructive, indeed! I’m hoping that tomorrow’s Spectator offering will be a bit smoother.
Matakari, glad all the big hints and helpful advice finally helped! I know this one was particularly tough for you, but it was from Ifor and certainly wasn't easy - so I'm glad you feel you learned a lot from it.

PS We surely won't see Doc again tomorrow...?
Question Author
Thanks, NACW! But as far as Doc is concerned, you never know...

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Enigmatic Variations N0 1605

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