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drmorgans | 08:01 Fri 16th Jun 2023 | Crosswords
7 Answers

Anyone having problems submitting online?

I wonder if the problem relates to 7d Ben notes light differently to economise (7,5,4) but there are only 15 spaces, maybe 7,4,4

"Tighten ones belt" seems to fit


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Same here. Will start again and see what happens. I suspect you’re right about 7d.
Question Author

Correction: Note Ben set light differently to economise
Mine still won’t submit drmorgans. Ah well.
I am having the same problem - have completed it twice and checked my answers but still can't submit on-line. I noted that Lasagne for 10 across was given by Dan Word online as Lasagna but that doesn't fit with 8 down which has to be Yearly?
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I couldn't think what else it could be
Same here...
Anyone managed to submit yet?

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