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Spectator 2609 - Mr Magoo

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Matakari | 07:38 Fri 16th Jun 2023 | Crosswords
5 Answers
Good morning, after some “hard work” and much help from generous and knowledgeable ABERs, I just read over this one and need a confirmation for the last three. Many thanks in advance!

32d What rube might call Georgia Lambert? (3) : ?AL ( GAL )
37d Shakespearean bears include panda in species finally (4): EAN? (EANS )
40a Described sheep’s milk? (3) : ?SE ( USE )


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32 Yes, Ga, abbreviation for Georgia (the state) and L, lambert.
37 Yes - 'finally' indicates that you need the last letters o f include, panda...

40 Described = sounds like, Use, milk, sounds like Ewes, sheep
Question Author
Many thanks, NACW! Now, I can turn my attention to another toughie, the EV 1594 which may be worth the effort.
Thanks, Matakari - as I've said before, you should trust yourself more!
EV was great, though time-consuming. As Tilly would say, I think you might be able to 'purloin' a few answers from AB!
Yes, I often pop in here to look for answers to erm..."inspire" me... ;)
Nice one, Fleshpots!

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Spectator 2609 - Mr Magoo

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