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16 Across This Upset Placate With Pr (5,4) A???N ?A??

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liztheone123 | 12:26 Mon 31st Oct 2022 | Crosswords
3 Answers
9 down Kid on time in china (3,3) ?e? e??
17 down Theatrical reprises around front of house annoying people (9) ??r?s??e?s
20 across Yearns for stuff to get plastered, ones heards (5) l?g??
21 down Bond enemy quiet after false accusation one rejected (6) ??e?s?

Can anyone help me please. Thank you for your all help


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16a Apple cart - anag 'placate + PR'
17d Perishers - anag 'reprises' (around) 'h(ouse; front)'
20a Sighs - "size" (used to plaster)
21d SMERSH - 'sh' (quiet, after) 'sme(a)r' ('a'; one, rejected)
9d Tea seT
Oops! :-)

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16 Across This Upset Placate With Pr (5,4) A???N ?A??

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