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TioMateo | 20:07 Sat 18th Jun 2022 | Crosswords
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4Dn :- Cow pat? (4) N?A?. It looks like NEAT, but I can't reconcile with "pat".
16Dn :- American battle against tea that's thrown over? (8) ?N?I???M
25Ac :- Support Garment (3) ??E


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4 pat = neat and neat is a cow
25 tie
16 Anti (against) etam (Mate, tea, reversed)
25 tee rather than tie
Question Author
Thanks, scorpiojo and Toorak. But, Toorak, when I say I can't reconcile Neat with "pat", it doesn't really help a lot for you just to say "pat" = NEAT. I realise it has to equal NEAT, but I don't understand how/why it does. Similarly, just saying TIE for the clue "Support garment" and then changing it to TEE, without any explanation, doesn't really help either. I had thought of both TIE and TEE, but couldn't feel fully convinced by either. TEE is definitely a support, but it's not a garment on its own - to be a garment, it would seem to need the addition of another word to give TEE SHIRT, but TEE on its own surely isn't enough to be a garment?

It's not that I don't appreciate your trying to help, because I really do. But a little more justification of the parsing would be very welcome.
Pat meaning 'simple', as to have something 'off pat'.
25 bra?
TioMateo, Chambers doesn't agree with you about the Tee. That's got its own entry in Chambers, then defined as a tee shirt.
Tio what gave you the E in 25Ac?
Question Author
Many thanks, Neveracrossword. Mea maxima culpa. I didn't actually check TEE in Chambers just the once, I checked it TWICE!!, and still managed not to notice the very clear words "(inf) a tee shirt". I still don't understand how I did that, but it definitely calls for a double dose of sackcloth and ashes. Thank you.
Thanks, TioMateo. I have been caught out myself with dictionary checking - seeing a big, long entry but failing to spot the shorter one underneath.
Question Author
Hi elliemay1, and thanks for joining in. The E in 25Ac was the 5th letter of TRICEPS (18Dn) for which the clue was : "Muscle aches regularly introduced by stumbles" (7), which is definitely correct. BRA would otherwise have been a perfectly valid (if a little simplistic) answer. However, you will now have seen that I have been (rightly) put in my place by Neveracrossword, and am munching my way through the humble pie.
Thanks for answering Tio, no need for humble pie!
TioMateo, no eating of humble pie is necessary. Yours was a mere oversight(literally!).

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The Times 28320

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