Listener Crossword 4709 For A Song By Elfman

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upsetter | 20:07 Fri 29th Apr 2022 | Crosswords
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A tougher puzzle than of late.
Plenty of thematic material and a nice misdirection.
Great fun and 10d was a particular favourite.

Thanks Elfman.


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It certainly was tougher but there was a nice PDM in determining the song.

Thanks, Elfman. I enjoyed the challenge.
Hard - but very fair - had the grid and highlighting finished a while ago, but was determined to fully parse the last couple of clues - 4dn was the last to surrender.

Thanks Elfman - a good workout.
Hats off to those who completed this quickly. I found it a tough theme to crack, as the first three treated words I found had a far more obvious connection. A nice PDM when it arrived. Thanks, Elfman!
Too tough for me but will keep slogging away during the week.

This is one of those puzzles that sorts the sheep from the goats, and I know which I am.
Question: in a clue such as 8d is it the clue answer or the grid entry which comprises two words?
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@Dim16 - the former.
Golly that was tough. Spent far too long barking up the wrong tree, but finally got there, though I still haven't parsed 4d.
Well, I identified the song yesterday, and think I know where the surnames go.

But one of the quadrants of the grid is proving impossible to crack, have spent the last couple of hours on it with nothing to show for it.

Time to throw in the towel.
I was serving the last rites on my attempt (ie taking a photo for ease of reference when the solution is published) when it occurred to me that I hadn't fully exhausted one line of attack.

This led to a breakthrough that has enabled me to finish, after spending an inordinate amount of time over five days.

In the case of three of the transformed words from the first group I have no idea what the clue answers are let alone their parsing. Do I care? No way, just glad to get this particular monkey off my back.

Thanks Elfman for a very challenging and therefore satisfying puzzle.

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Listener Crossword 4709 For A Song By Elfman

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