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TEDDYC | 19:48 Thu 28th Apr 2022 | Crosswords
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Any help appreciated-‘RAIL’ magazine.

17a. Home to Shanklin and Brading stations-familiarly. 1,1,1,1,1.
I have ?, O, ?, W, ?. (They are on the Isle of Wight)

18a. Abbreviation for when a line is blocked to electric traction. 1,1,1,1.
I have ?, T, ?, T.

The letters I have are correct.

Thank you.


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TEDDYC, I spelt it wrong it should have read BTET.
20:11 Thu 28th Apr 2022
18a. could be BETET
(4) in 18a, TheWinner?
But it looks like it is BTET

see under Special Cases here
Sorry should have typed BTET (blocked to electric trains/traction). my bad typing.
Question Author
Thanks to ‘TheWinner’ . The answer to the clue has only 4 letters ?.T.?.T.

Thank you “Captain2”- but sorry, cannot understand your answer.
Question Author
Thanks again BTET is a great answer!

Still stuck on 17a.
TEDDYC, I spelt it wrong it should have read BTET.
TEDDYC, are you sure about your letters for 17a.?
I would have suggested IOWSR (Isle of Wight steam railway)
Question Author
The letters are correct. The steam railway doesn’t serve these stations. I.o.w must be there somewhere. Why does the clue finish with - familiarly? Just cannot solve it.
don't worry, we'll keep thinking.......
familiarly might mean how its referred to by locals
item stations are on the south western railway
Buenchico might know this if he's around.
Not sure if this helps but I suspect it will end with IWR which is the initials of the company that built the line originally (Isle of Wight Railway). Still can't figure out the first letter though.
TEDDYC, did you solve 17a? We would all like to know the answer.
Question Author

I have just received the latest RAIL magazine. The answer to the clue is IOfWR. Sorry, I still cannot understand the answer. Their were winners- so they knew!
Thanks for your help.
Thank you for letting us know the answer. After much googling, I still can't find what is stands for. Maybe someone else will.
Isle of Wight steam railway?
I suggested that on 28/Apr. mallyh. It doesn't match the letters of the answer.
just found ...isle of wight railway

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