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professorplum13 | 15:41 Sun 23rd Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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One or more (consecutive) words must be removed from each of 13 clues before solving; in each case. In 26 other clues, the wordplay leads to the answer plus an extra letter

25a Follow idle gossip when toad spurns Kerouac , say (6) ?A?TER
44a Temporarily left author with onset of dementia, around middle of April (6) ?AR?ED
...possibly a 5 letter author minus one of their letters??


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25 natter(jack toad)
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Thank you kindly JJ109
44 P(e)AKE is the author [extra 'e'] + D(ementia) for PARKED.
...around ''middle of apRil'', of course.
...just thought it worth mentioning that 'idle' isn't part of the def in 25a - it's one of the exta words.
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Thank you Professor Maisie

I now have 11 of the 13. 8 from acrosses and 3 from downs ...where am i missing 2?

I have the message from the 26 extras ...but unsure how to inplement it ...and get the 13 works highlighted?
One more from each across/down required, professorplum.
Follow the instructions to get the frame & crossing support (one square thickness throughout). The 13 cells that are not shaded help a lot (6 of them above and 7 below) and the items are all rectangular - it's all very neat I think - and great fun.
...the first item is a good place to start, a very famous tragedy 4+4.
Can anyone help me with fourth name or title. I have completed the rest of the crossword so just stuck on that one. I have a few options for the title but no idea of the name. Thanks in advance.
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his jumble is at the beg of restraints in 17a

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Ev 1523

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