Spectator N0 2538 ( Doc )

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Matakari | 17:12 Thu 13th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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2538: Green light! Cross! by Doc In this pangrammatical puzzle, the unclued lights are of a kind near 21A. Ignore all accents.

Good evening,
An interesting offering from Doc! I’ve got the country associated with the Unclueds and am making some headway. But I need answers with parsing for the last two clues, thanks!

4 ( D ) Cynthia Noble dancing up above the stalls (12, three wds) : INT???A?C?N?
10 (D) Swimmer Mark’s stocky dog (5) : ?P?L?


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4d in the balcony anag of cynthia noble
10d Spitz ..Mark Spitz
4D is an anagram. "Stalls" in this context refers to theatre seats.

10D- the surname of a famous Olympian also happens to be a breed of dog. A Google search should get you the solution.
Question Author
Many thanks, LancastrianOik and Shaneystar2, I'm almost done.
A confirmation for this last clue which should help me with the
final Unclued, thanks!

23 Wise words giving direction about two animals (8 )

It's worth checking you've got all of the letters in the alphabet for the pangram, Matakari.
Question Author
Thanks, ProfessorMaisie, I've got all the letters of the alphabet for the puzzle.

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Spectator N0 2538 ( Doc )

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