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dafyddapgwilym | 10:27 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | Crosswords
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Last little beastie:
23d) Twosomes lacking energy upset Tony Burg, perhaps (4)
I have: ?T?D. Guessing DATES, as in dates 'upset' with no E, but why??


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Question Author
I mean, STAD..
stad is a burg but i don't know what tony has to do with it?
Question Author
Me neither.
it's not the crossword that has superfluous words in the clue is it?

anagram of dates -(twosomes) minus-lacking T(ony)= stad(burg)
Ignore that.
Stud - 'du(e)ts' (lacking 'e[nergy]', upset)

^1st Para, Line 2 - "...The stud of the title, Tony Burg..."
well done L-i-K, don't think that's a crossword for me :-)
Question Author
Brilliant. Thank you, LIK. Jackie Collins, eh, TLS?!? Oo'd 'ave thowt?
You're welcome :-)
Stud! (J. Collins).

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Tls 1404

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