Listener 4670 Consequence By Ferret

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emcee | 21:23 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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A straightforward gridfill with some attitude added in the endgame.

I thought the final part was clever; one of those "you know when it's right" moments hits you.

Thanks, Ferret.


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You've got me worried now. I have a consequence of sorts by changing two letters, but it's not something that screams 'clever' at me. I'd better keep looking.

Nice puzzle, by the way - thanks Ferret!
Agreed. Last stage took a bit of head-scratching but the denouement was a pleasure. Good stuff.
A very agreeable entry level Listener let down by a frustrating grid stare at the end - which quite frankly may have been unnecessary.
Agree with comments. A stead grid fill with something to dwell on at the end.
Steady grid fill, good clues - then a horrid, final GWIT grid stare for the final step.

I'm happy with my final grid and could defend it robustly if challenged - but I'm far from the happy state of "you know when it's right" that emcee has achieved.
Utterly underwhelming - clues, gridfill, endgame
Yup, like others, I have found a plausible final couple of letter changes which sort of have the desired thematic effect. Guess that must be it.
This is one of those "the more you look, the more you find" grid searches. I found two other consequences of sort, one of which is certainly plausible, but not what I think they're angling for here. I'll stick to my original guess.
I can’t get the final step. If I could be bothered I would go through all the entries trying to identify where I can change a letter, but looking at some of the comments here it doesn’t seem like it would be worth it. No matter.
Dim, you will find proper help on the crossword help forum.

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Listener 4670 Consequence By Ferret

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