Help With Haunless,Throulther,Couldnae Run A Monoge I-E-T

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Janis1949 | 20:47 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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Help with Haunless,throulther,couldnae run a monoge I-e-t (5)
Girned ,greeted ,yammered -h-n-d (6)


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I'm not very awake so this may be a stupid(er) than usual question. Are they all Scottish words? I recognise them all but have not seen them in a crossword before.
Those are all good Scottish words, but the answers seem to be English versions of them. It's in 'Crosswords', but it could be a quiz perhaps?
Keith's crossword? (Scottish)
Janis does do 'Keith's'.
monoge - menage?
Variants Doug.

menodge (Scots from the French ‘ménage’): also monoge or minoge. A kind of savings club
Thanks, Mamyalynne. I knew all the words, though I wouldn't spell 'monoge' like that - menadge and menodge are more common, I think.
Yes, they've gone for the obscure.
Thanks again, Mamya. My good Scottish dictionary doesn't even include that version - but pronunciations and spellings vary around the country anyway!
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Thanks for the answer
Question Author
Many thanks for your help
Glad we could help - it's aye guid to gie somewan a haun'.

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Help With Haunless,Throulther,Couldnae Run A Monoge I-E-T

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