Iq 1709

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hankir | 17:47 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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I have managed to fill the grid. Some are guesses.

I have three across correct/incorrect letters.
I have seven down correct/incorrect letters.

The down incorrect letters may be name of a singer. Last three letters could mean fashion.

Any hint? Thanks.


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Your're right to have a singer - think of the associated band The correct letters give a hint. The same applies to the Across pairs (ie singer, band and hint)
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Thanks cranberryboat.
The band name is equivalent of elite (5 letters) in top half.
Not sure what the three letter word is.
Look along the top line of the grid, hankir.
The main theme is very English and you might struggle with google where you are (good luck!).
...and it has nothing to do with music.
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Thanks ProfessorM.
I will just wait for 2 weeks.
Main aim is to solve the clues.
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BTW, any hint on Radial 2 for L4669?
radial 2 - plants names after Greek water nymphs -
the car is the American word for what we i the UK call a saloon (reversed) around/'across' A [with I the omitted letter].

If you try the two bands together with, ''+ English tradition'' you might get something for IQ on the net.
sorry about the typos, hankir -
'named' + 'in' (of course).

...Radial 2 starts in the 4th ring from the perimeter.
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Thanks ProfessorM. Got R2.

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