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IainGrace | 20:06 Fri 23rd Jul 2021 | Crosswords
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My better half cracked what was going on at an early stage. Good fun.


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Yes, I got all the thematic material far too early, which left the rest of the puzzle a bit of a slog. A shame, as it's an amazing construction - so much material in there. Clues were top quality, too. Thanks, Ace of Hearts!
Similar experience, all the thematic stuff done in the first half hour, including the message from clues, then quite a long grid fill. Excellent grid, and I enjoyed the struggle to fill it, but I would have enjoyed it even more had there still been a carrot.

Nice clues too. Thanks very much.
I agree with the above. I felt the thematic content in the grid was rather thin, and the definition from extra letters didn't tell us anything we hadn't learned elsewhere. We didn't have to do anything with the six-letter word, so I can't see what the point of it was was other than to add an extra complication? Still, I'm grateful for a (relatively) easy puzzle after a several stinkers. AoH is a reliable setter with a fine track record, but decent though this was, I don't think this was one of his best.

I thought this was fine. 'Slog' implies to me a tedious and lengthy solve. I didn't find it so. I'm not a great fan of circular puzzles, and even less of wordplay giving deficient entries, but I got the statement after only two answers in Ring 3, and the definition with only a handful of consecutive extra letters, so no complaints from me. I don't see why there has to be a final PDM every time. There's plenty to appreciate in a well-constructed puzzle with excellent clues, as is the case here.
I'm often out of sync with comments on this forum. In the past I have been often amazed at the lavish praise heaped on puzzles with very mediocre clues.
I tend to see 'slog' as meaning joyless, hard graft, which certainly wasn't the case for me here.
Agreed - Slog wasn't the correct word. maybe Routine is better.
Despite the early identification of the statement and much of the thematic material this still provided a challenge to the end.
The construction was elegant and the clues were tough but fair.

Thanks, Ace of Hearts.
I enjoyed it but I arrived at the theme too quickly. I prefer the theme to unfold gradually. Perhaps the transverse/ ring clues were too straightforward?

Even with the whole definition spelled out at an early stage some clues were quite tricky. I can't believe how long it took me to solve radial 2 (the last one I entered!)

Good puzzle. Thanks, Ace of Hearts.
Fair enough, I suppose. The high proportion of unchecked squares bordered on unacceptable, imho, especially coupled with missing letters. Even with the relatively easy thematic circles, a lot of the solving was simple slog work. Not my favourite
Agree with the above. Theme unfolded quite quickly although the quote took me off in the direction of the Saatchi Gallery, and some eye-watering prices. Thank goodness for Quinaplus. Confess I found the requirement for the direction of the radials a slightly tedious check when all else was done
Unlike Scorpius, we love circular puzzles - though don't ask us why! Great fun. We had Ring 3 and the Perimeter complete with only a handful of Radials solved. Annoyingly held up at the end by my carelessly entering the wrong letter in the second ring from the centre - signalled by the fact that the 2 clues either side of my blooper were apparently unsolvable! Any clues as to what the puzzle title has to do with it would be most welcome. Thanks.
Graejen, think of pegging out the washing.
I always enjoy circular grids - there's just something them that appeals.

This was a pleasure to complete - but thank heavens for Quinapalus as some of my final radials were quite tricky.

Not a slog for me - even after the theme and circular entries were identified I found the gradual processing of the radials very satisfying.

Thanks AoH - good fun.

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