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Matakari | 16:26 Thu 24th Jun 2021 | Crosswords
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Good day,
In a quandary with Pabulum's impertinence and would like some
help/answers/hints for the following, please ! Thanks in advance!
12 US footballer hugs independent babe (4) : ??I?
15 Oxide‘s try-out is disastrous (8) : ??????ES
30 Junk’s fifth sail? (5) : T????
22 Am one following toppled emperor (8) : ?E??A???
25 Coral possibly cycling with Guy Burgess (7) : ???E???
29 Maiden ignored familiar wiggly worm (7) : ???A???


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Matakari, this is a pretty tough puzzle - I expect you'll be back to several batches of clues!

12 . A woman's name - a three-letter word (unusual to me) for a US footballer, with Independent inside.

30. Anagram

5. Anagram of a four-letter word for Coral +a three letter word for Guy.

PS This was a very satisfying puzzle to do - even more satisfying if done with the minimum of help!
29 anagram of familiar minus m
15 Your E is wrong
29 Anagram, dropping Maiden from 'familiar'.
Question Author
Many thanks, all! Making some progress with these hints...
Any hints for 22(D)? ( ?E??A??? ) Thanks again!
The E is wrong. Oblique hint - Haile Selassie

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Spectator N0 2512

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