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Matakari | 12:38 Thu 25th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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Good day,
Going through Doc pretty well, but am stuck on these three
clues which I need to solve before I attack the Unlueds.
Help/Hints would be appreciated, thanks!

12 Socialist sympathisers at peak on Greek isle (6) : P??K?S

19 Lover loses ring and capital (4): R??E
27 Causing fury, miles away from West Sussex village (8) : ??GER??N


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19 rome(o)
19 think Shakespearean lover
27 village in W Sussex minus the m
12. pinkos
Question Author
Many thanks, all! I.m off to the Unclueds now!
Matakari, you may feel 'hugely disadvantaged' again without Brewer's...
Question Author
Yes,NACW, not having Brewer’s may be a huge handicap. I’ve got the theme, but need confirmation for 4 outstanding Unclueds before continuing my search, thanks.
I have:
41(a ) : O?I?E?

24(d) : ?E?E?T?A
33(d) : ?M???E
37(d) : ?U?S
All letters are right apart from24 down. The A is below the bar and is not part of the answer. Got o Universal Crossword Solver, put in the theme word followed by the letters and question marks you have and you will find all the answers.
There, Matakari, your 'huge handicap' didn't get in the way! I think information on how to access Brewer's online was given a few puzzles ago, that'd make things a little easier for you?

PS Many solvers, and probably many AB solvers, don't have a copy of Brewer's.
Question Author
Thanks, Novalis and NACW, I inadvertently put that A in 24d. I've got the answer, and will serenely continue my quest for the other 3.
Question Author
I believe I'm there now except for 37 for which I have two
names, one starting with S and the other with R, but can't
figure out which one it is. I'll probably have to sleep on it a
37d starts with B .....
Neither S nor R. Enter the theme word, the letters which you have and question marks for those you don't have in Chambers Word Wizard. If you have the right letters only one possibility is given.
Question Author
Thanks, Roslyn and Novalis, for these massive hints! It's done now!
And I'm going to enjoy reading over this Doc's offering! Stay safe, all!

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