Spectator Crossword 2495

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Revox | 16:12 Sun 28th Feb 2021 | Crosswords
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Baffled by 4d - Must begin Lla surely, and 33d which ought to be the 4th ‘Mary’


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4 D Begins Lua...

33 Is similar to 24 D, it goes with the title word but isn't one of the four answers with the title word in it.

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Thanks,Neveracrossword. That tells me 10 across was not maryolater, but can’t as yet replace it - but no luck in Brewer for 33d, nor in ‘mysterious lost ships’ via Google.
10a Second part of the word is an anagram of one who makes knives and forks.
33 down = Found abandoned in 1872. You can find it in Universal Crossword Solver.
Revox, thanks. The ship's in my 19th edition Brewer's.
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Neveracrossword - thanks for constant help - I was using an old Brewer that was handy, but now consulting my Millennium (previous Speccie Xmas Prize!) and found 33d. (I could not get an answer slot to yr last, so came back.) Still lost about 4th letter in 4d - only thing missing and I swear not in Brewer!
Thanks, Revox. 4 D isn't thematic, so no need for Brewers. The clue is just an anagram (spread), leading to a word for 'feasts'.

Clue: Usual spread for feasts (5)
A Hawaian one

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Spectator Crossword 2495

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