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Matakari | 10:40 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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Good morning,
Thanks to the lovely hints and answers from ProfessorMaisie, Calibax, Shoota, Helewel, I’ve made great strides. I have all the unclueds except one which I should soon get as soon as I fathom a few remaining clues. I’m studying a hint given in a previous thread for
4(A) Together, brutes briefly help the old order (9)for which I have the letters: SA?A?E?OH ( Are these letters correct? )
Now, HINTS for the following should get me through, thanks in advance!
4 Second student in empty, flashy display (7) : S?EUR?E


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For 4a the 'h' is wrong - it starts SAV(e) = 'help' ['briefly'] + 4 letters for 'old' plus a 2 letter abbrev 'order' - def 'Together...(meaning, collectively)...brutes'.
For 4d your first 'e' is wrong - the 5 letter word going around L (for 'student') means 'to clear' and begins with P.
Your first e is wrong - it should be the usual letter for a student
Yes; S + a verb meaning "to empty" with an L inserted should get you the answer.
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Ok, I've come up with "savagedom" and "splurge" for 4(A) and 4(D) respectively, but am still stuck with:

11(A) Live international back on a roll (6): BE?G?LT ( At first, I thought- BEIGNET...) What's wrong here?

And are my letters right for the unclued 10? ?E?PT?B?A?
11a is only 6 letters so no T at the end's an alternative spelling of the usual american roll... the letters you have are correct
10a the A is wrong's split 4,4,'ve spelt the nobles wrong in 7d ...they are hidden in the clue...( alternate letters)
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I've got it all solved now, and it was quite interesting, indeed. Thanks to all who helped so graciously! Have a fine weekend!

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