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Missel | 19:02 Sat 24th Oct 2020 | Crosswords
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Thanks to previous questions, only two to go. HINTS please for:
33D Island's small business covering central India (5) I?I?E; and
34A Unlimited cut, a bit of a shock for Edmund (5) ?E?RE


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33 The E should be an A
answered by Neveracrossword
S heare d.

Heare, an old word for hair (a shock = thick hair)
^ so sorry, I forgot about the hints!

PS I answered the other one earlier too!
^ I honestly forgot! Has no one else ever made a mistake?
Oh yes,elliemay1, I've done it a few times myself! I mentioned it as a courtesy to the OP, and just in case they got given the other answer too. I thought you'd missed the 'hints' altogether.
Question Author
Thank you Elliemay1 and Neveracrossword. All done. I agree with an earlier comment by Hypotheses that this was "Not the most satisfying Speccie".

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