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starmack | 13:17 Wed 05th Aug 2020 | Crosswords
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Any help appreciated.

6 letters. Twist constant backward for a mathematician, though it’s not a (followed by, is it, a correct sign.
?U?N?P. Is it Turnup or Burnup?

8 letters. Copies the fine adjustment of precise distance measuring instruments.
R?P???A? Is it Replicas....and why!

5 letters. It would not be appropriate to upset cook’s utensils during it.
????T. Is it Inapt...and why

4 letters. A division of the police for serious crimes that may be very mean, but not base? Is it Acid....and why!


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5 - pan reversed inside it - Inapt
PAN reversed in IT= INAPT
A CID (base is a term for acid)
Turnip - Turn + Pi,back
A Cid (criminal investigations dept) - acid is not a base (alkali)
Replicas, anag of Calipers
Sorry- i meant for alkali, so acid is not alkali

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