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Matakari | 17:29 Fri 03rd Apr 2020 | Crosswords
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Answers for the following please ! Thanks in advance!
6 Tom permitted something to eat (7) ?AR???
12 Scientific rep differentiated between species (13) ?N?????????I?
23 Aristos attendant always interrupts (7) ?E?????
27 Type of cross at the right place close to church (7) ??T??CH


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12 interspecific

I have the following:-
6d Tartlet
12d interspecific
23d peerage
27d patonce
Question Author
Many thanks, Farrwest!
Question Author
Stuck on the following! Some hints, please, and thanks in advance!
28 Gent checked fine brandless product (7) ?E?E???
39 Port from Ireland in tins (6) C??RN?

21 She nuked brash blade (8, hyphened) S?E?E???
2 Heartless mophead caused injury being a gorilla? (6)
39 antipodean port
28 definition brandless product
21 anagram
2 your r is wrong. Anagram minus middle letter
Question Author
Thanks, Toorak, but I'm still stuck on 21(a). I've tried "she" with the other words for the anagram, without success. Another hint, please!
for 21a try the chambers word wizard..anagram of 1st 2 words
Question Author
Thanks Roslyn251254!
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Seeking some verification as I'm on the trail of the unclueds. I have 6 of them and wish to confirm the letters for the following. Many thanks in advance!
37 O?ANG
38 E?L?L

11 ?A?A?R?N?
15 ?A??A??
38 is E?CHI

You are right with the others.
Question Author
Thanks again!
Question Author
I'm on the final stretch now. I would like some answers for 17(a) and 3(d) please.
17(A) Found tree blocking highway (5) RUL??
3(D) Sheep dash after active man (6) AO???O

And verification for the following:
Does 28(A) begin with T and ends with K?
Does 15(D) begin with S and ends with U?
ULE is the tree inside RD

A(ctive) + OU (African 'man') + DAD 'dash'

no - G+C
no - L+E
Question Author
Many thanks, professor! Now, the last one to complete this puzzle!
Do I have the correct letters for the unclued #11 ?
Thanks in advance for your confirmation!
Your query was answered elsewhere, you must have missed it!

Yes, (I see you now have the 'i' as well).

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