Listener No 4589 Progress Report By Tibea

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NickorWan | 20:44 Fri 10th Jan 2020 | Crosswords
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Excellent, thanks Tibea, and not as daunting as I first feared. Some may be aware, I certainly wasn't.


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A very nice challenge to mark something I hadn't realised (but could calculate).

Some nice clues and the mutilation was neatly done too.

Thanks Tibea
Yes, terrific stuff. Not as scary as it looked. Thanks to our esteemed editors!
I realised quite quickly what the theme was, and had a good idea of what the final grid would be, but struggled to deliberately construct non-words and get the initial grid fill.
The endgame took longer than most of the initial fill, mainly because I got confused linking the definitions to the answers while crossing off the jumbled letters. Good stuff
I really enjoyed this one -thanks, Tibea!

I didn’t guess the theme until the very end, but the progressive challenge kept me engaged throughout. Some nice clues, but found 32 misleading.
A game of two halves. Relatively easy straight clues, then more challenge in the mutilations but it came together very nicely with a bit of ‘sur-solving’ from the messages. Thanks Tibet.
Very neat construction. My word, doesn't time fly? The theme was introduced to me way back then.

Thanks to Tibea; most enjoyable.
I literally have no idea how setters would land upon the mutilated form - really quite astounding. Elegant implementation and clues - no surprises there. I found it pretty tough, I have to say, though I’m a little out of practice. Thanks, Tibea.
Embarking on this and slightly confused by the rubric. I hope it isn’t breaching AB rules to ask whether all initial grid entries are real words? A simple yes or no. Thanks.
Thanks. Had pretty much got there but confirmation is helpful.

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Listener No 4589 Progress Report By Tibea

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