Local Cryptic Crossword

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Grice | 22:49 Wed 04th Dec 2019 | Crosswords
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10 letters

__ __E__E__T__N__

Stopping short pair, level light ring

I think the answer is preventing but not sure why.

6 letters
I'm left and brought in
I-- -- --R--

4 letters
Sounds drippy but fries up well
L-- -- --

7 letters
Trumped-up excuse before the script
-- --E-- -- --T


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Pr (pair) even (level) ting (light ring)
4 Pretext
3 Lard
2 I'm-port
Grice, could you please use '?' to indicate missing letters '_' and '--' is very confusing.
Question Author
Certainly Captain2 that is a good idea. Thank you for your responses and also to the others that responded.

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Local Cryptic Crossword

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