Azed 2469

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cairnsfred | 04:54 Mon 07th Oct 2019 | Crosswords
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18a and 25d are killing me.
Must have got some others wrong


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Possibly have.
Without knowing the clues or the others you may have got wrong I can't help
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Got 18a now.
So happy for you

25d, who knows?
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And 25d. Derivative of esperanto. Who would have thought it.
But still in pain with 19d
Growing neats
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Seems as soon as I post a question I work out the answer. Need to be more patient.
However,if anyone can explain the Spoonerisms in28a and 32a I would be grateful.
A clue with a letter count along with any crossers would help those that wish to help you.
Fred, will you give the full clues, letter counts and any placed, please.
Probably not ;-/
Because sooner or later someone that knows will be along

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Azed 2469

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