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saladdodger | 15:41 Sat 13th Apr 2019 | Crosswords
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12d Sweetly they are recollected in Q's story about this lady and Mr Right, reportedly (5,6)
????? / ???L?Y
8d Titan eulogy, maybe, by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1,4,2,3,4)


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12 Hetty Wesley - Quiller Couch

8 A Hymn to the Morn
A Hymn to the Moon?
to the Moon , sorry
Can't read my own writing :-)
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Thank you mamyalynne and dannyk13. Should have got the anagram one!
Any help with 10a) Wellington approaches Penny in the Italian ruins (5,5) I have g?i?e?a?h?. Thought it might be some sort of Baths!
It looks like Guide Paths to me
(wasn't the Wellington Bomber a "Pathfinder"?)

(but I can't totally parse - is there a special condition that applies to this crossword?)
Glide Path novel by Arthur C Clarke
I also struggled to fully parse this, but have seen.

Italian 'the' - Gli
Ruins - Deaths
Penny - P

Which makes it Glide Paths - a letter longer than the book, but seems correct for the grid.

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Tls 1271

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