Listener 4550. Moving Up &down By Ferret

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12barblues | 09:01 Sat 13th Apr 2019 | Crosswords
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Am I really first, or is the search playing up again? Fairly gentle from Ferret (for once), but only after solving one of the long Across clues. The displacements are disconcerting and a couple are quite sneaky. Now to parse the last couple for completeness. Thanks Ferret.


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Sorry we crossed and you posted while I was still typing. Let's fo with your thread.

Quite tough and I made very slow progress until enough of the hint appeared for the name of the song to suggest itself. The moved words were hard to spot as they were well integrated into the clues, and things were all the harder in that many of the clues didn't make much sense with the new word inserted (I wouldn't expect them to). A worthy challenge and nice to have no grid staring this time! Bravo Ferret.
I found this pretty easy but still enjoyable. I haven't yet worked out the hint as it wasn't needed. I spotted the theme about half way through when I had four letters in the first unclued column.
A pleasant interpretation of the theme, and nothing too stretching. Some of the swapped words were well disguised. I was held up for some time by a complete and utter error in one answer, and final parsing revealed another correction. A right business of Ferret's.
I think you were second but your thread seems to be getting the replies - so I will copy mine here too.

An amusing crossword with some challenging clues nevertheless the hint from the letters was not needed.

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Listener 4550. Moving Up &down By Ferret

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